The Legend

The OpalNera Legend

Legend has it that in the early Middle Ages an Italian noblewoman gave her fiancé a black opal to take with him during his journeys at sea. Shortly before they were due to be married, news was received that her lover’s ship had been lost, with all hands drowned.

For years the noblewoman mourned the loss of her lover. Until one day a strange man from a far-off land appeared bearing a special gift. It was a bottle of liqueur from a distant country. This liqueur was unlike any she had ever seen before. It was not transparent, as was the tradition, but raven black.

The noblewoman, intrigued by the mysterious nature of the gift, opened the bottle and poured some of the ambrosia into a crystal goblet.

The taste was exquisite. She drank deeply of the nectar, but before she could finish her glass, there at the bottom, veiled in the liqueur’s rich dark hue, was the black opal she had given her fiancé so many years before.

The stranger from afar was never seen again, but the story of events spread across the oceans and it was not long before the black opal liqueur became known throughout the world as a drink of mystique and perfection.

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